Safety First! How Well is Barbie Modeling Lab Safety?

How does Barbie's lab safety playset compare to real laboratory safety rules? Barbie lab playset has so many fun features and accessories, but not all of it accurately represents real-life laboratory safety. Image Credits: Children often explore their...

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin | Women in Science

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was a Nobel Prize-winning chemist who developed protein crystallography. She is responsible for advancing X-ray crystallography, a method for determining a crystals 3D structure. At age 10, Dorothy became interested in chemistry and...

Minnesota’s CHRi Labs is More than Chemical Bonds

There's a strong family bond at CHRi's labs! If your company is pharmaceutical related and in the Midwest USA, you may want to focus your microscope on CHRi Labs. This is especially true if you like a special sense of caring and hand-holding that comes from working...

CHRi is a family owned Food Laboratory

Women in Science | Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock was born June 16, 1902 in Hartford, Connecticut. During high school, she developed a love of science and was determined to continue her studies at Cornell University studying agriculture, and in 1923, she received her BS in botany. McClintock...


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