Welcoming Eurofins MTS to Our Expanding Contract Laboratory Network

Eurofins MTS develops customized lab testing solutions for clients' specific needs and positions their products to exceed customer expectations

by | Jun 28, 2024

We are thrilled to welcome Eurofins Modern Testing Services (Eurofins MTS) to the Contract Laboratory network. As an established ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility, Eurofins MTS offers comprehensive services to ensure product safety, quality, and regulatory compliance across various industries. The CRO specializes in serving their clients with efficiency, reliability, consistency, and integrity.

About the Company

Eurofins MTS, part of the Eurofins network since November 2021, specializes in providing testing and inspection services to an array of industries, including electricals and electronics, hard goods, and health and beauty. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Eurofins MTS supports clients in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring high-quality standards. They prioritize customer focus, technical proficiency, and continuous improvement, making them a trusted partner in the global marketplace.

Are you looking to outsource your lab testing?

Simply submit a laboratory request to Eurofins MTS and rest easy!

Services Provided by Eurofins MTS

  • Textiles & Apparel: Extensive testing services for textiles and apparel, ensuring compliance with US, EU, and international regulations. They provide testing for various categories including garments, home textiles, footwear, and accessories. Common testing criteria include fiber and care labeling, colorfastness, dimensional stability, fabric and seam strength, and performance evaluations like abrasion and pilling. Eurofins MTS is accredited to test according to the AATCC, ASTM, ISO, BS, JIS, and several other international standards.
  • Toys, Arts & Crafts: Comprehensive testing and compliance services for toys, arts, and crafts products to ensure products meet international safety standards such as CPSIA, ASTM F963, CHPA, TRA, and EN71. Services include chemical safety testing for heavy metals and phthalates, mechanical and physical safety assessments, flammability testing, and labeling compliance. Eurofins MTS also conducts age grading evaluations, toxicity testing, and small parts testing to ensure products are safe for children of all ages.
  • Juvenile Products: Safety and quality testing for juvenile products, including cribs, bassinets, strollers, high chairs, walkers, car seats, bunk beds, and toys for infants and toddlers to ensure compliance with international standards such as JPMA, ASTM, CPSC, and EN. Testing includes mechanical and physical safety, chemical analysis for harmful substances, flammability assessments, and performance evaluations. These rigorous tests ensure that juvenile products are safe, durable, and reliable for children.
  • Hard Goods: Extensive testing and certification services for a wide range of hard goods, including furniture, kitchenware, sporting goods, gifts and party goods, seasonal decorations, food contact items, and electrical items. Their testing ensures compliance with performance, safety, and regulatory standards such as ASTM, EN, and ISO. Services include transit and packaging testing, mechanical and physical testing, chemical analysis, flammability testing, and durability assessments. The expert team helps manufacturers meet stringent regulatory and industrial requirements and market expectations while minimizing costs.
  • Electrical & Electronic Products: Testing services for electrical and electronic products to ensure they meet global safety, performance, and regulatory standards. Their services cover a wide range of products including luminaires, household appliances, IT equipment, and more. Testing includes electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), energy efficiency, chemical compliance (RoHS), and reliability assessments. Eurofins MTS helps manufacturers deliver safe, efficient, and reliable products to market by ensuring compliance with standards like IEC, EN, and UL standards.
  • Health & Beauty Products: Full range of testing services for cosmetics and beauty products, including microbiological analysis, toxicological risk assessments, ingredient review, and stability testing. Eurofins MTS conducts clinical efficacy testing to substantiate product claims, including skin hydration, anti-aging, and SPF in sunscreens and sunblocks. They help clients bring safe and effective health and beauty products to market by making sure they comply with US, EU, and other international regulations and industry standards. 
  • Automotive: Extensive testing services for automotive components and materials to ensure compliance with global standards, covering environmental testing, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, and electrical safety testing. The experts on board evaluate components for performance, durability, and reliability under various conditions, ensuring compliance with standards such as ELV (end-of-life vehicle) testing, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), flammability, and GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List). They support the automotive industry in meeting regulatory requirements and enhancing vehicle safety and performance.
  • Factory Compliance Audit & Inspection: Eurofins MTS provides comprehensive audit and inspection services to ensure product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance across various industries. Services include social compliance audits, technical audits, environmental audits, and security audits. They also offer pre-production, during-production, and pre-shipment inspections to ensure product conformity and reduce risks. Manufacturers can maintain high-quality production processes and meet market requirements with this CRO’s expertise in compliance and global presence.

Industries Served

Eurofins MTS serves various industries with extensive testing, inspection, and certification services. Key sectors include:

  1. Textiles & Apparel: Providing rigorous testing for garments, home textiles, footwear, and accessories.
  2. Toys, Arts & Crafts: Ensuring safety, quality, and compliance for children’s entertainment goods and infant and juvenile items.
  3. Hard Goods: Assessing furniture, kitchenware, and other durable goods.
  4. Electrical & Electronic Products: Testing household appliances and IT equipment.
  5. Health & Beauty Products: Comprehensive testing for cosmetics and personal care items.
  6. Automotive: Ensuring compliance and performance for automotive components.

Collaborate with Eurofins MTS

Eurofins MTS is dedicated to advancing product safety and quality with responsive, knowledgeable, and client-focused teams they pride in. They work with clients to develop customized solutions and testing packages for specific needs to increase speed-to-market efficiency, reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary testing, and position their products to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

Want to get Eurofins MTS experts to work on your testing assignments? All you need to do is submit a lab request and we’ll get the rest done!

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