MediMab Biotherapeutics Opens Bespoke Laboratory Facilities

New CL2 wet lab purpose-built facilities delivered by Kadans Science Partner will support MediMab Biotherapeutics to identify first-in-class immuno-oncology drugs that can actively target a range of advanced and solid tumors

by | Jun 13, 2024

MediMab Biotherapeutics, a subsidiary of the South Korean biotech firm MediMabBio, Inc., has opened a new state-of-the-art facility at Sovereign House, Abingdon Science Park, UK. Developed by Kadans Science Partner, this new building includes advanced CL2 wet labs to support the company’s growth in developing immuno-oncology therapeutics. The company has relocated from The BioEscalator in Oxford.

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Ji Eun Lee, MediMab Biotherapeutics focuses on leveraging systems biology and immunological solutions to create first-in-class drugs targeting advanced and solid tumors. Their collaboration with Oxford University Hospital and local biopharmaceutical companies has led to a promising pipeline of novel cancer immunotherapy drugs.

Abingdon Science Park, a prominent life-science research park, hosts various companies such as Genefirst and Sherlock Biosciences. Kadans Science Partner has also completed Barton House, offering additional lab space and amenities. Dr. Ji Eun Lee highlighted the benefits of the new facilities for advancing cancer treatments, while Katie Nelson of Kadans Science Partner expressed pride in welcoming MediMab Biotherapeutics to their UK ecosystem.

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