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Eurofins CRL specializes in clinical safety and efficacy testing services that employ advanced technology and expert technical staff.

by | Jun 21, 2024

We are thrilled to have Eurofins CRL, Inc., on our growing Contract Laboratory network. As an established contract laboratory, Eurofins CRL offers extensive clinical research, safety, and efficacy testing services, contributing to developing innovative products in the cosmetic, beauty, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

About Eurofins CRL

Founded in 1992, Eurofins CRL specializes in in vitro and in vivo clinical safety and efficacy testing. With state-of-the-art facilities located in New Jersey, North Carolina, and Texas, Eurofins CRL combines advanced technology with expert technical staff to deliver high-quality, cost-effective testing services.

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Services Provided by Eurofins CRL

1. Safety and Clinical Trials

    A variety of safety and clinical trials for the pre-market evaluation of consumer and personal care products. Their extensive investigative studies include acnegenicity/comedogenicity studies, follicular biopsy tests, ophthalmic safety-in-use (Op SIU), human repeated insult patch tests (HRIPT), facial sting tests, and safety-in-use studies. These protocols can be customized to meet the client and product’s needs, facilitating intelligent product development.

    2. Claims and Bioinstrumentation

      Extensive claims and bioinstrumentation services to support cosmetic and personal care product claims. This service uses advanced equipment and controlled environments to deliver objective clinical measurements. Eurofins CRL’s capabilities include anti-aging claims support, moisturization and skin hydration, skin texture analysis, cell turnover and renewal, skin elasticity, TEWL (transepidermal water loss), VISIA®-CR imaging, clarity system analysis, skin luminosity, skin tone evenness, and video microscopy of skin structures. Standard and custom protocols ensure precise data for both technical and marketing purposes.

      3. Photobiology

      Comprehensive photobiology assessments to evaluate sunscreen SPF values, UVA values, and the potential for photoallergy and phototoxicity. This CRO conducts various photobiological safety and efficacy studies, including in vitro and in vivo testing, with the help of advanced equipment and skilled technicians on their team. Services include sunscreen SPF efficacy evaluations, phototoxicity testing, and photoallergy testing. With facilities like multiport solar simulators and an in-house Jacuzzi, Eurofins CRL ensures thorough and accurate testing.

      4. Microbiology

        A range of microbiology testing services for the cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries. Their laboratory professionals provide efficacy testing, safety evaluations, and claims substantiation using standard methodologies per the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC), and custom methods. Key services include preservative challenge testing, standard plate counts, microbial limits testing, zone of inhibition, time-kill testing, and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) & minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) testing. Specialized services for topical antimicrobials include healthcare personnel hand wash (ASTM 1174), surgical scrub evaluation (ASTM 1115), and hand sanitizer efficacy (ASTM 2755).

        5. Cosmetology

          Testing and evaluation services for hair, nail, facial, and ethnic products. Licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians at Eurofins CRL conduct thorough assessments using both standard and custom protocols. Services include clinical efficacy testing for hair care products, evaluations of nail care products, and facial product performance tests. They also provide assessments for ethnic products to ensure safety and efficacy across diverse consumer groups.

          6. Pediatrics

            Specialized safety-in-use testing for pediatric products, using subject panels ranging from six months to 12 years old. Experienced pediatricians and clinical staff evaluate various products intended for children. Study designs can collect data from both children and parents, and clinical grading is combined with instrumentation to assess the efficacy and safety of these products.

            7. Consumer Research

              Custom consumer research studies to gather insights on product esthetics, efficacy, marketing, and ease of use through questionnaires. Studies typically involve normal use conditions, with products provided to subjects for testing. Responses are collected via computerized programs like EvaSys, allowing rapid tabulation and analysis. The final report includes detailed response tabulation and, if requested, statistical analysis to determine significance. Eurofins CRL’s expertise helps clients design studies tailored to specific product objectives.

              8. Product Procurement, Blinding, and Distribution

                Comprehensive services to support in-home use testing involve purchasing competitor products and blinding and distributing them to study participants nationwide. Eurofins CRL’s procurement services include mailing products to test subjects, tracking product receipts, and working with panelist databases and market research firms to identify the correct study demographic. These services cater to any product category, including cosmetics and personal care.

                9. Miscellaneous

                  Customized services to meet specific product needs, including both dentistry and gynecology testing. Their dentistry services cover gingivitis, plaque, periodontal disease, tooth whitening, and oral flora determinations. Gynecology testing includes evaluations for tampons, personal lubricants, vaginal suppositories, sanitary napkins, contraceptives, and other feminine hygiene products. The lab is equipped to perform irritation potential, vaginal pH, moisturization studies, and fiber retention for tampons.

                  How to Connect with Eurofins CRL

                  Eurofins CRL is dedicated to advancing product safety and quality with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of world-leading experts. Are you looking to outsource your laboratory testing?

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