The Contract Laboratory team prides itself on curating and disseminating authentic, precise, and comprehensive insights across a spectrum of subjects crucial to today’s laboratory landscape. We endeavor to stand as a reliable source for lab professionals in the contract research and testing space to delve into industry updates, trends, and challenges.

Contract Laboratory’s Core Tenets:

Our audience, whether readers, attendees, or subscribers, takes precedence in our commitment. Our team ensures the foremost priority is to meet the needs of our audience by generating informative, accurate content contributed by a diverse array of writers and speakers, thereby offering a range of perspectives.

Transparency is paramount. We strive to be forthright and candid in all content shared with our audience. Distinguishing between sponsored promotional content and purely editorial pieces is a key focus. We attribute external sources as necessary, prioritize credible references, and rigorously fact-check, keeping a vigilant eye for any signs of plagiarism.

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our approach. Acknowledging the ever-evolving challenges and demands faced by today’s lab leaders, we are committed to staying abreast of our audience’s needs and consistently developing new ways to enhance our content, fostering innovation and engagement.

Who Contributes to Contract Laboratory?

In addition to Contract Laboratory’s in-house editorial and creative services staff, a cadre of freelance contributors regularly furnish articles for the website. We also welcome article pitches meeting our quality standards, aligning with our coverage scope, and void of promotional intent.

Ensuring Quality Standards:

Staff and external writers adhere rigorously to our editorial guidelines. Articles must be non-promotional, original, and exclusive to Contract Laboratory. All published works adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style and undergo a thorough review and editing process. Writers must secure approval for their proposed topic outline before proceeding with a draft. Our editors meticulously review drafts, identifying red flags, assessing insightfulness, verifying sources, and evaluating overall readability. While we lack dedicated fact-checkers, our editors diligently fact-check throughout the editing/revisions process. Multiple opportunities for revision are provided, and if unsuccessful, editors may deem the piece unpublishable.

News Releases and Sponsored Content:

When sharing news releases from external sources, our editorial team employs the same rigorous fact-checking approach, evaluating authenticity, accuracy, and relevance. Releases that overstate study results or mislead readers are not accepted.

Editorial content remains independent of sponsored content. Advertisers and sponsored content do not influence editorial decisions. Custom, sponsored content is typically crafted by Contract Laboratory’s Creative Services team. Revenue is generated through the sale of advertisements online, sponsorships, and events. Sponsored content is clearly labeled, featuring the advertising company’s name in the byline and its logo on the page.

Use of Generative AI

In some cases, AI-supported tools may be used by our writers and contributors to support our creative process, which may include ideation, subject research, and content structuring. Where AI tools are employed, content is edited, fact-checked, and approved by our editorial team and subject matter experts. For more information on how we use AI-assisted resources, read our policy on the Use of Generative AI in Scientific Writing

Ownership & Funding:

Contract Laboratory is under the ownership of LabX Media Group (LMG), a prominent global science publishing company. LMG, headquartered in Midland, Ontario, Canada, employs over 200 staff across Canada, the United States, and the UK. Funding for Contract Laboratory is derived from membership fees from its website and advertising on the OUTSOURCE! eMagazine. Additional revenue streams include custom publishing projects such as sponsored webinars, videos, infographics, posters, eBooks, and whitepapers, managed by our Creative Services Division.

All content published on Contract Laboratory’s channels is exclusive to Contract Laboratory and its partners and cannot be republished or distributed on other platforms without permission.

Contacting Contract Laboratory:

We encourage you to reach out to us! Share your ideas, suggestions, critiques, and other feedback; we are eager to hear from you.


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