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Ensuring Emission Safety According to EN 16738:2015

EN 16738:2015 is a European safety standard that addresses the emission of combustible air fresheners, including candles and incense. It describes testing methods to evaluate the release of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC's from these products and ensures that they...

close-up view of microscope showing lens and plate in profile

NIST Technology Transfer 2016 Report

Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, known as NIST, published the 2016 Annual Report on Technology Transfer. The report gives a detailed overview of technology transfer activities of the DOC's three bureaus with research...

Raise Awareness for Rare Diseases Research | R&D

 Spread the Word to Increase Rare Disease Awareness and Research On Rare Disease Day, more than 27 countries will promote this day to increase awareness for rare diseases. Across the world, this will be a day dedicated to raising awareness for different rare...

What is Geology Core Analysis?

Geology Core Analysis. Geotechnical and Geological Core Analysis is used for many different purposes within a few different industries such as mining, petrophysics, and water resource management.  Petrophysical applications include the study of hydrocarbon...


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