Plastics and Polymer

Recycling Numbers | Plastics | FTC Recycling Guidelines

Have you ever noticed the number inside the recycling symbol on bottles or other plastic recyclables? Do you know what these recycling numbers mean? At the bottom of almost any plastic container, inside the recycling symbol is a small number between 1 and 7. Each...

Accelerated Weathering Testing

Accelerated weather testing reproduces damages caused by environmental factors like sun and moisture. Accelerated weathering testing is conducted to replicate damages caused by the environment. The testing looks at any changes in color, fading, peeling or...

RA and RMS | Surface Roughness

RA and RMS are measurements of surface roughness. Both measurements are done using a profilometer though the calculations differ for RA and RMS. RA is the roughness average and RMS is the root mean square of a surface. Both measurements are based on the heights of...

Phthalate Testing in Plastics and Polymers

Phthalates are colorless, odorless chemicals found in plastics and polymers including consumer products, toys, and even food containers. Phthalate consumption has been linked to birth defects, hormonal disruption, behavioral issues, fertility issues, obesity, and...


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