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Technical Standards - ASTM Standards
Technical Standards – ASTM Standards

ASTM Standards are technical standards developed by ASTM International.  These  technical standards apply  a broad range of products, systems, and even services. Having established more than 12,575 standards globally, ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards organizations and dates back farther than ANSI, ISO, and IEC.

ASTM began in 1898 in response to the growing railroad industry experiencing rail breaks. Scientists and engineers together created a standard for the steel used. Today, ASTM standards help improve everyday life, enhance product performance and quality, and help consumers have confidence in products.

With a membership of 30,000 technical experts and business professionals, they create test methods and specifications. ASTM boasts more than 140 technical writing committees for industries like metals, oil and petroleum, construction and building, and more.

ASTM develops standards in accordance with the World Trade Organization, helping increase trade and create healthy competition. Standards become mandatory when government, contracts, or companies needing testing require them. For example, all toys sold in the U.S. must be in compliance with ASTM F963, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, making the standard mandatory.

Developing ASTM standards is done by members of technical committees who see a need for a new standard. They create a draft which is sent to an overseeing committee for review. After they approve it the standard gets submit to the rest of ASTMs membership for voting. Any “no” votes must be accompanied by a written explanation.

ASTM does not provide any type of conformity or adherence testing and organizations needing testing will have to contact an independent, third party laboratory to acquire the necessary testing. If you are in need of a laboratory to help perform your product testing, submit a request on our website or call us toll-free at 1-855-377-6821!

Laboratory Test Requests for compliance to ASTM Standards

Contract Laboratory often receives requests from companies needing a laboratory to perform ASTM compliance testing. The following are just a few of our recent requests. View more on our website!

  • Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM hydrocarbon testing of petroleum products to ASTM D6379
  • Performance Laboratory needed for ASTM Intrinsic Clothing Insulation (CLO) Testing
  • ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of biodegradable plastic bags to ASTM 6954
  • Chemical Contract Manufacturer needed to prepare Anhydrous Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (Na4P2O7) detergent 53.0% by weight in 1 liter bottles.
  • Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing paints to ASTM D 4236 – Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards
  • Engineering company needs Materials Laboratory for testing liquid product to ASTM and ANSI Test Standards
  • Electrical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of safety protection gloves to ASTM F2675
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Performance Laboratory for gloves testing to standard: ASTM F2961 – 15

Need ASTM Testing Laboratories?

Need a laboratory for testing as per ASTM standards ? We can help!  Submit ASTM Test Request or call us Toll-Free 24/7 at 1-855-377-6821!