ASTM Releases New Standards for Various Sectors

New ASTM Standards prioritize safety, efficacy, and sustainability

by | Jun 19, 2024

In June 2024, ASTM International introduced several significant ASTM standards across diverse sectors, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

  1. Engine Coolants: A suite of new ASTM standards was approved by ASTM’s engine coolant committee, addressing both glycol-water and non-water-based coolants. These standards aim to ensure the performance and safety of engine coolants used in various vehicles​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  2. Air Quality Sensors: The air quality committee released a new ASTM standard for ambient outdoor air quality sensors. This standard is expected to improve the accuracy and reliability of air quality monitoring, which is critical for public health and environmental protection​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  3. Helmet Safety: ASTM’s sports equipment committee is working on a new testing standard focused on helmet safety. This proposed standard will enhance the protective capabilities of helmets used in various sports, potentially reducing the risk of head injuries​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  4. Flight Control Testing: A new standard by the general aviation aircraft committee provides guidance on flight control tests. This ASTM standard will help ensure the safety and performance of flight control systems in general aviation aircraft​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  5. Drowning Detection Systems: The consumer products committee has developed the first ASTM standard for computer-vision drowning detection systems in residential swimming pools. This standard aims to enhance the safety of residential pools by ensuring the effectiveness of drowning detection systems​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  6. Flood Damage Resistance: A proposed ASTM standard aims to determine the flood damage resistance rating of building materials used in below-base flood elevation construction. This will help manufacturers, designers, and building officials ensure that materials used in flood-prone areas meet necessary safety requirements​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  7. Nuclear Fuel Cycle: The nuclear fuel cycle committee approved new ASTM standards, including methods for determining impurities in plutonium metal and a guide for determining iodine-129 in uranium oxide. These standards will help maintain the safety and efficiency of nuclear materials​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.
  8. Structural Fasteners: A new ASTM standard consolidates six existing standards on structural fasteners into one comprehensive document. This streamlined ASTM standard will benefit manufacturers and engineers by simplifying compliance and ensuring the reliability of structural fasteners used in construction​ (ASTM Newsroom)​.

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