Materials Testing

SUS and SS Stainless Steel Metals Testing

Delve into the critical testing processes for stainless steel, including chemical composition analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion resistance testing, and weldability testing, to guarantee its quality, performance, and compliance with industry standards.

close-up view of stainless steel chain links

Metals Fatigue Testing

No matter, if your metals are copper, steel, or bronze, fatigue testing of metals, evaluates how metals behave under repeated cyclic loading.  Fatigue testing helps engineers and researchers understand how a material's mechanical properties change over time,...

a Line of metal, machined parts

What is Erichsen Test Equipment?

The Erichsen 430P, a scratch hardness tester, is a motorized testing instrument used to test the resistance to scratches and cuts that plastic or varnished surfaces have. It tests panels of differing thicknesses by performing single, parallel, and cross-cuts....

Composite Testing: New ASTM Laboratory Standards

Looking for a laboratory to do composite testing? Two new ASTM Standards for the testing of the plastic composites pultruded fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials will be released. The new ASTM Standards are ASTM D7792, the Test Method for Measuring the Effect...

Composite Testing: New ASTM Laboratory Standards

NASM Aerospace Fastener Laboratory Testing

The National Aerospace Standards (NAS) are a comprehensive set of industry standards developed and maintained by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) of America. NAS standards encompass a wide range of aerospace components and systems, including fasteners,...

NASM AerospaceTesting

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a group of analytical techniques the technology industry uses to understand, evaluate, and determine properties of a material in an effort to assure that both structural and mechanical parts function safely and effectively. NDT is...

Snowstorm Blizzard Weathering Testing

With potential history-making Winter Storm Juno set to be a blizzard in 7 USA states almost upon us, manufacturers of outdoor products may be wondering how their products will hold up under the predicted extreme cold temperatures blustery wind, and 1-3 feet of...


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