Snowstorm Blizzard Weathering Testing

Weather Testing for Snow and Cold Weatherability
Test products to ensure for weatherabiity in winter snow storms

With potential history making  Winter Storm Juno  set to be a blizzard in 7 USA states almost upon us, manufacturers of outdoor products maybe wondering how their products will hold up under the predicted extreme cold temperatures blustery wind  and 1-3 foot of snow.

Today, we received a request from a  Waterproofing Materials Manufacturer that needs a laboratory for testing the  insulation properties for coating on  concrete at a temperature of  minus 30 degree.  This request is number 15-00148 in our incoming Laboratory Testing Requests.

When developing a product, manufacturers need to consider designing it for the temperatures that it will encounter and be subjected to over it’s lifetime.  Weathering testing can either be done by Real-Time Studies or Accelerated Studies . Both simulate  the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew.  Some testing done  is weatherability, lightfastness, colorfastness, corrosion and photostability  .  ASTM, ISO, BSI, DIN, JIS, SAE, AATCC all have standards related to weathering testing.  To learn more about weathering testing , visit our Weathering Page.

If your company is manufacturing or distributing a product that needs weathering testing, SUBMIT LAB TEST REQUEST