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Genetics Research with Genetic Markers

Genetic markers are bits of genetic material, like genes or a DNA sequence, that are easily identifiable and used in laboratories as a way to tell apart cells, individuals, and species. Gene markers are often used to research and study relationships between an...

Epigenetics Gene Expression Research Studies testing

FDA Compliance in Veterinary Medicine Testing

FDA compliance in veterinary medicine testing is not only a regulatory requirement but also a benchmark for quality and safety in animal health products. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of veterinary drugs, devices, and food additives is a top priority that...

Veterinary Medicine Research and Development Testing

Commonly Used Genetic Markers

A genetic marker is a gene whose location on a chromosome is known and can be used to identify a species. Genetic markers are divided into two groups, biochemical markers that can detect variations in proteins and amino acids, and molecular markers that detect DNA...


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