Editorial Policy: Use of Generative AI in Scientific Writing

1. Introduction

This policy outlines the guidelines for the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Contract Laboratory’s editorial processes. It covers the use of AI-generated text, data, and imagery for both in-house and contributed content. The policy is designed to ensure that our use of AI tools aligns with Contract Laboratory’s commitment to accuracy, transparency, and ethical standards in publishing.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and contributors involved in the editorial process at Contract Laboratory, including writers, editors, illustrators, and content managers.

3. In-House Editorial Use

3.1 Content Creation and Editing: Generative AI may be used in-house to assist with idea generation, subject research, and content structuring. Where AI-assisted tools support our creative process, all content is edited, fact-checked, and approved by our editorial team to ensure it meets Contract Laboratory’s quality standards and adheres to brand style guidelines before it is published.

3.2 Fact-Checking and Verification: AI-generated content and data must be subjected to rigorous fact-checking and certification processes, similar to any other source of information.

3.3 Attribution: In instances where AI-assisted tools have been used to generate text, the following disclaimer will be included to ensure transparency to our readers.

“This content includes text that has been generated with the assistance of AI. Contract Laboratory encourages the use of new tools and technologies that enhance our editorial process. Our full editorial policy can be found here.

4. Contributed Content

4.1 Submission Guidelines: Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) must be declared, and clearly explained. Writers who use AI or AI-assisted tools during the writing process must disclose their use upon submission of the draft to Contract Laboratory

4.2 Review and Approval: Content contributed by external authors will be subject to the same rigorous review and verification processes as in-house content. The use of AI does not exempt contributions from meeting our editorial standards.

4.3 Ethical Standards: Any use of AI must not breach journalistic ethics and plagiarism will not be tolerated – Contract Laboratory’s editorial team runs all contributed content through trusted plagiarism detection software as part of the publication’s standard review process. Contributions involving AI-generated content must adhere to ethical standards, avoiding misinformation, bias, and infringement on intellectual property rights.

5. Use of AI-generated imagery

5.1 Creation and Use: AI-generated images can be used where appropriate for editorial content, provided they meet our standards for accuracy and relevance.

5.2 Disclosure: The use of AI-generated imagery must be clearly disclosed to the audience, either within the content or in an accompanying statement.

5.3 Copyright and Licensing: Care must be taken to ensure that AI-generated images do not infringe on copyrights or other intellectual property rights. Images must be created and used in compliance with all relevant laws and licensing agreements.

6. Legal and Ethical Considerations

6.1 Compliance: All uses of generative AI must comply with current laws and regulations concerning copyright, data security, and privacy.

6.2 Ethical Use: AI tools must be used responsibly, avoiding the intentional creation or dissemination of misleading, biased, or harmful content.

7. Training and Awareness

Employees and contributors must be provided with training on the ethical use of AI tools, including understanding the limitations and biases of these technologies.

8. Monitoring, Review, and Updates

Contract Laboratory appreciates that this area is changing rapidly. As such, it will monitor developments related to the use of generative AI in publishing and update as necessary to reflect technological advancements, legal changes, and evolving best practices in the use of generative AI in editorial processes.

We are committed to maintaining high journalistic standards and encourage our readers to share their feedback on our use of AI, to provide feedback, please feel free to contact our editorial team.