What is Ingress Protection Testing?

To ensure products are properly sealed against dust, sand, or water, laboratories can perform ingress testing to make sure products are safe and sealed

by | Mar 11, 2023

Ingress Protection Testing is a variety of tests performed on products before they reach the consumer market. Products are tested for ingress, or entrances, where it’s possible for things like dust, or chemicals to potentially enter the product. Ingress testing is also done to ensure safety and product functionality.

Why is Ingress Testing Needed?

Many consumer products require insulation to not allow outside elements like sand, dust, water, steam, or oil inside which can ruin the product. Ingress testing helps determine where insulation may be needed, how much is needed, and whether or not the product will perform as expected. Ingress testing is most important on seams or between two parts where water or particles can easily enter the product.

Products that adhere to UL or CSA standards such as computers, light bulbs,  and medical devices, are required to have an IP, or ingress protection rating which describes the ingress protection that a specific product has.

Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate many ingress protection tests such as:

  • Large corporation needs electrical laboratory for Ingress Protection Testing of the environmentally sealed toggle switch is capable of complying with Ingress Protection 69K standards
  • Electrical laboratory needed for Ingress Protection Testing: IP tests for an outdoor enclosure
  • USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for IPX water ingress testing to IPX 1-7
  • USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for dishwasher performance testing: 9 product samples to be tested in repeated dishwasher cycles (100) to determine water ingress between 2 sealed parts of the product.
  • California Electrical Laboratory needed for IP Testing: Water Proof testing (IPX standard, Ingress Protection Rating) is needed to be done on a fully assembled part to see if water penetrates in the assembly
  • Microbiology Laboratory needed to conduct a microbial ingress test on a Class 2 device which has a spike at one end and a male luer connector at the other end. During functioning the spike gets connected to a large volume reservoir of fluids. The lure is connected to small unit dose collectors (high volume) when worked by a peristaltic pump. The objective is to conduct a microbial ingress test at the male luer end.
  • plus many more!

If you are in need of ingress protection testing or other laboratory testing, submit an online laboratory test request, or call us at 1-855-377-6821.


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