What are NRTL, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories ?

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory
Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

Today, Contract Laboratory received a request from a company needing a NRTL Laboratory. NRTL’s  are  Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories,  In the United States, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) oversees and regulates certain workplace products and systems. NRTLs are laboratory facilities that are  qualified to perform the necessary testing or certification required for  OSHA workplace products and systems. All testing is done in accordance with the appropriate agency’s safety standards.

Every NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories has their own specific test standards for which they have received recognition, as well as their own certification mark to label product conformance. After an NRTL oratory has tested and certified a product, they give the manufacturer permission to apply a certification mark to the product signifying the product has been tested and approved and that the product is in compliance with safety regulations.

To become an OSHA Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories, an application must be submitted to OSHA for recognition. After review, OSHA will choose whether they will perform an on-site assessment. If approved, the laboratory is notified via a formal approval letter which identifies the scope and any terms of the approval. Every 5 years the NRTLs must apply for renewal recognition.

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If you are already a NRTL or are looking to perform more testing, view Laboratory Test Request.

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