Top Agricultural Testing Labs and Contract Research Organizations

Explore the essential role of agricultural testing labs and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in ensuring crop safety, soil health, and sustainable farming practices through a variety of specialized services and tests.

by | May 22, 2024

Agricultural testing laboratories and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are vital to maintaining the health and productivity of our agricultural systems. They provide critical services that help farmers, agribusinesses, and researchers ensure the quality and safety of crops, soil, and water. This article highlights the top agricultural testing labs and CROs, outlining the services they offer and their importance in the agricultural sector.

Services Offered by Top Agricultural Testing Labs and CROs

Soil Testing

  • Nutrient Analysis: Testing for essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to optimize soil fertility and crop yields.
  • pH Testing: Determining soil pH levels to ensure the best conditions for plant growth.
  • Contaminant Detection: Identifying harmful substances like heavy metals, pesticides, and pathogens in soil.

Water Testing

  • Irrigation Water Quality: Analyzing water used for irrigation to ensure it is free from harmful contaminants and suitable for agricultural use.
  • Surface and Groundwater Testing: Monitoring the quality of surface and groundwater sources to prevent contamination and promote sustainable water management practices.

Plant Tissue Analysis

  • Nutrient Uptake: Measuring the nutrient content in plant tissues to assess the effectiveness of fertilization programs and diagnose deficiencies.
  • Disease Detection: Identifying plant diseases through molecular and microbiological testing to enable timely and effective treatment.

Pesticide Residue Testing

  • Residue Analysis: Detecting and quantifying pesticide residues on crops to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluating the potential impact of pesticide residues on human health and the environment.

Seed Testing

  • Germination Testing: Assessing the germination rate of seeds to ensure high-quality planting materials.
  • Purity Analysis: Determining the purity of seed lots to maintain crop integrity and performance.

Microbiological Testing

  • Pathogen Detection: Identifying harmful microorganisms in soil, water, and plant tissues to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Beneficial Microbes: Analyzing the presence of beneficial microbes that support plant growth and soil health.

Role of Contract Research Organizations in Agricultural Testing

CROs extend beyond traditional testing services to include research and development in agricultural science. They offer:

Method Development and Validation

  • Custom Testing Protocols: CROs develop and validate testing methods tailored to specific client needs or regulatory requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Crop Performance Optimization

  • Yield Improvement: Conducting research to optimize crop yields and improve resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Sustainable Practices: Developing and promoting sustainable farming practices to enhance soil health and reduce environmental impact.

Consultancy Services

  • Regulatory Compliance: Providing expert advice on complying with agricultural regulations and standards, ensuring products meet safety and quality requirements.
  • Risk Management: Offering strategies to manage risks associated with agricultural production, including pest outbreaks and climate variability.

Customized Research Projects

  • Innovative Technologies: Research new agricultural technologies, such as precision farming tools and advanced breeding techniques.
  • Process Improvement: Exploring methods to improve agricultural processes, from planting to harvest, to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Top Agricultural Testing Labs and CROs Available on Contract Laboratory

1. Activation Laboratories Ltd.

Location: Multiple locations worldwide

Description: The Actlabs Group of Companies provides contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis, specializing in geochemistry, materials testing, and environmental testing.

2. Agro BioResearch LLC

Location: United States

Description: Agro BioResearch is a Contract Research Organization specializing in agricultural science and biotechnology, offering services such as soil testing, crop protection research, and bioassays.

3. Alliance Analytical Labs

Location: United States

Description: Alliance Analytical Labs is a full-service microbiology and chemical analysis testing laboratory partnering with the food industry to ensure product safety, quality, and compliance.

4. IPT (Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas)

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Description: IPT, the Institute of Technological Research, provides research and technological solutions across various sectors, including materials testing, environmental studies, and industrial development.

5. LabChemS Corp

Location: United States

Description: LabChemS Corp is a leading outsourcing firm committed to exceeding customers’ expectations through high-quality chemical analysis and testing services for various industries.

6. New Wave Scientific

Location: Nevada, United States

Description: New Wave Scientific is a leading analytical testing laboratory dedicated to providing comprehensive testing services, including chemical analysis, environmental testing, and materials characterization.

7. Scout Scientific LLC

Location: United States

Description: Scout Scientific LLC is an analytical testing, research, and development firm offering a wide range of services to support industrial and environmental applications.

8. SGS

Location: Worldwide

Description: SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, recognized for its global reach and comprehensive range of services across various industries.

9. Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

Location: India

Description: Shriram Institute for Industrial Research (SRI) is an independent, non-profit multidisciplinary research organization providing research, testing, and consultancy services across various scientific domains.

10. Vanguard Laboratory

Location: United States

Description: Vanguard Laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited, specializing in environmental and quality assurance testing to support regulatory compliance and quality management.

11. West Texas Analytical Laboratory, LLC

Location: Texas, United States

Description: West Texas Analytical Laboratory, LLC services the environmental and oilfield sectors, offering comprehensive analytical testing to ensure environmental safety and compliance.


Agricultural testing labs and CROs are indispensable to the agricultural industry. They provide the expertise and resources needed to ensure crops are safe, healthy, and productive. Through a wide range of specialized services and tests, these organizations help farmers and agribusinesses navigate regulatory requirements, improve crop performance, and adopt sustainable practices. Their contributions are essential to the ongoing advancement and sustainability of global agriculture.

For more detailed information on these labs and their specific services, you can visit Contract Laboratory to explore a comprehensive directory of laboratories and their services


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