Consumer Packaged Goods Reformulation

In a recent retail report, 179,600 consumer packaged goods worldwide were reformulated last year in an effort to keep up with consumers' changing tastes. Many of the reformulations were done to accommodate the consumers' wants/needs for a healthier lifestyle and...

Consumer Products Reformulation

Environmental Simulation Studies

Oh, where will your products go?  Do you know? Will it need exporting to a country facing freezing winter temperatures and be jostled around by harsh shipping conditions by oceans or held on customs storage docks in blistering 100 degree temperatures? Or will it be...

Cosmetics Labeling Testing and Analysis

Cosmetics sold in the  United States need to be in compliance with labeling requirements of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, the Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act, and Food and Drug Administration Regulations. These laws require...

row of nail polish bottles on reflective countertop

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT)

What is CCIT? Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) is done to evaluate the strength and integrity of a container closure system. Testing of container closures is important as it ensures a sterile barrier against microorganisms and other potentially dangerous...

Holiday Presents! Packaging Testing

Christmas! Hanukkah! Kwanza! While each is steeped in tradition and religious meaning, each has become associated with presents and gift-giving. Colorful boxes, sparkly metallic ribbon, large amounts of tape, and patterned wrapping papers cover thoughtful holiday...

FPLA Fair Packaging and Labeling Act Compliance Testing

Performing Testing to be in Compliance with the FPLA - Fair Packaging and Labeling Act Fair Packaging and Labeling Act FPLA ComplianceThe Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) of 1967, issues regulations from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the US Food...

Fair Packaging and Labeling Act FPLA Testing


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