Cell Biology

Residual DNA Testing | Host Cell DNA Analysis

Residual DNA testing, or host cell DNA analysis, is the examination of products for traces of DNA that have been unintentionally left on a product during the manufacturing of biological products such as biosimilars or immunotherapeutic products. For customer health...

Flow Cytometry

What is Flow Cytometry? Flow cytometry is a technique employed to analyze cells in a solution allowing researchers to obtain very specific information regarding the chemical and physical characteristics of cells, such as their size, count, cycle, etc. The solution...

FDA Cancer Screening Test Warning

$15 million Awarded by NIH for 3-D Tissue Development

According to the NIH, during clinical trials, more than 60 percent of investigational drugs fail, even if they showed promising results in pre-clinical studies on cell and animal research. To stop this from happening, NIH has announced it will award 13 "Tissue Chip...

Modeling and Efficacy Testing


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