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Raise Awareness for Rare Diseases Research | R&D

 Spread the Word to Increase Rare Disease Awareness and Research On Rare Disease Day, more than 27 countries will promote this day to increase awareness for rare diseases. Across the world, this will be a day dedicated to raising awareness for different rare...

Electron Microscopy: SEM and TEM Analysis

Analyses by Scanning Electron Microscopes and Transmission Electron Microscopes Today, we received a request from a company needing to outsource a laboratory for Electron Microscopy:  SEM and TEM Analysis. Both SEM and TEM are abbreviations for different forms of...

Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM

LED Lighting Products Testing

According to Maria Nadal in a US Government The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) article entitled "Following a New MAP for Solid-State Lighting,"  "new LED products only stay on the market for about 12 months, and the...

LED Lighting Testing

Laboratory Abbreviations List

Learn more about laboratory accreditations, laboratory certifications, laboratory registrations, laboratory licenses, laboratory standards, and laboratory methodologies. View Lab Test Requests | Submit Lab Test Requests A2LAEstablished in 1978 as a non-profit,...

Rolling Thin Film Oven Test (RTFOT)

Asphalt Testing RTFOT stands for "Rolling Thin Film Oven Test" and is a type of testing done on asphalt binders. Rolling Thin Film Oven Test RTFOT  assesses the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphalt material, and is used to simulate the...

Asphalt Testing

Influenza Research and Testing

According to influenza research done by the US Center for Disease Control (US CDC), the flu vaccine is only 59% effective this year. The press release states that this is comparable to previous years' vaccine effectiveness. With the seriousness of influenza from...

Coffee Bean and Coffee Beverage Testing

Are you a coffee beverage manufacturer that needs independent test laboratories for Quality Control release testing of your finished coffee beverages prior to shipping? Or, are you coffee bean producer that needs a independent contract test laboratory for Quality...

Coffee Beverage Testing and Analysis


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