What is Riboprinting?

A technique with the ability to both track and identify bacteria

by | Jan 23, 2023

bacteria-108896__340Riboprinting is a tool that produces reproducible results and is used to help study variances in microorganisms, most commonly bacteria. Riboprinting helps to characterize these microorganisms and also has the ability to track sources of contamination.

Using genetic information to detect, identify and even track environmental isolates, pathogens, and more, it provides what scientists call a genetic snapshot of an organism. The automated process reduces the need for operator training which minimizes the potential for error.

Riboprinting utilizes fragment-based technology to target and snip regions of RNA that result in a unique DNA fingerprint, allowing for rapid and standardized identification and characterization of bacteria. Having the power to not only track but identify bacteria by these fingerprints allows scientists to pinpoint contamination at the strain level.

Contract Laboratory has received the following test requests regarding riboprinting:
  • Bacterial Identification with RiboPrinter
  • Large Multinational Consumer Products Company needs an India Microbiology Laboratory for Bacterial culture Identification Testing. Identification of Unknown Bacterial cultures using API identification or Riboprinting
  • View more test requests

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