Precision Medicine Research and Development Studies

Genetics and genomics lead the way toward individualized healthcare

by | Feb 2, 2023

With individualized medical treatments at the forefront of medicine, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and other healthcare providers are looking for Genomics Contract Research Organizations for their precision medicine research and development studies.

Precision medicine, also called personalized or individualized medicine, is medical treatment and prevention that matches a patient with the treatment that will best suit them.

Genetic variations not only determine hair and eye color, but they also play a role in whether or not an individual acquires a certain disease. Variations in genes can either protect or make us more susceptible. The general idea behind precision medicine is to understand how gene variations influence health. Additionally, genetic variations influence how our bodies respond to treatments including medications and other forms of interventions.

Precision medicine also deals with how environmental factors interact with genetics and contribute to one’s health. Additionally, precision medicine can take into account protein levels and other processes. Besides just treating diseases, precision medicine can include new approaches to diagnostics and risk screenings. When combined with technology, precision medicine has been used to build blood vessels and bones, fight cancer through immunotherapy, and more.

Contract Laboratory receives many requests from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, or healthcare providers needing genetics laboratories and genomics contract research organizations for outsourcing their precision medicine research and development projects in precision medicine areas such as genetics, pharmacogenetics, DNA, and more.  View Precision Medicine Projects

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