Laboratory Techniques for Identification of Adenoviruses

Colorized transmission electron micrograph of adenovirus
Colorized transmission electron micrograph of adenovirus

Adenovirus Identification Techniques

Contract Laboratory has received a request from a company needing a Clinical Laboratory  for ELISA Testing for the neutralizing antibodies for adenovirus.  There are many different Laboratory Techniques that maybe used for the Identification of Adenoviruses. Adenoviruses cause diseases that infect the upper respiratory tract, eyes, intestines. Adenoviruses have double-stranded DNA, are medium-sized and non-enveloped icosohedral viruses.

Microbiology Laboratories identify Adenovirus infections by a number of laboratory techniques including antigen detection, polymerase chain reaction, virus isolation, and serology.There are more than 50 types of immunologically distint  Adenoviruses that cause human infection.   Adenovirus typing is done by hemagglutination-inhibition and/or neutralization with type-specific antisera or by molecular methods.

Contract Laboratory has worked with a number of companies on their Adenovirus research and development projects including the following

  • Clinical laboratory needed for Elisa testing for neutralizing antibodies for the AAV9 associated adenovirus
  • Industrial cleaning equipment company needs virology laboratory for Virucidal efficacy testing on Avian influenza virus (AIV),, H7N1Noroviruses, Adenovirus & Polivirus Have to test efficacy of electrolyzed water or Hypochlorous Acid solution (ph 6.5-7, ORP 800+, FAC 200 ppm) against various viruses and notice kill time and log reduction.
  • Pharmaceutical Virology Laboratory needed for evaluation of a new topical antiviral in an invitro anti-viral assay against Adenovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus
  • US EPA or GLP certified Virology Laboratory needed for disinfectant efficacy testing. Conduct virucidal suspension test as per EN14776 or ASTM E1053-11 method Adenovirus type 5 HSV-1 Poliovirus MERS or any available Influenza strain
  • Microbiology Laboratory needed for viral efficacy testing of aerosol containing essential oils against Herpes, Polio and Adenovirus

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