IEEE Testing Services for Electronics and Electrical Products

IEEE Testing Services
IIEEE Testing Services

IEEE Testing Services are  electrical testing and certification done in accordance with IEEE Standards. IEEE  stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is the biggest technical professional society in the world. The organization develops and sets global standards for different industries including the following: biomedical, healthcare, power, energy, IT, robotics, and more. IEEE standards establish specifications and procedures in an effort to maximize the reliability of any materials, products, methods, services, etc. that people use.

Because of IEEE’s global membership, it has become the leading authority in areas like aerospace systems, computers, telecommunications, biomedical engineering, electric power, and consumer electronics. The IEEE has more than 421,355 members in more than 160 countries and publishes about a third of the world’s literature in the technical fields of electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.

the IEEE Standards Association has over 1,100 active standards in its portfolio, with more than 500 standards under development. The IEEE website states, “Standards form the fundamental building blocks for product development by establishing consistent protocols that can be universally understood and adopted.”

Contract Laboratory gets numerous requests wanting product testing that adheres to IEEE’s standards. Recent examples include:

  • Physical Laboratory needed for ANSI/ IEEE Arc Resistant testing of MV Metal Clad Panel to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 40kA 0,3/0,5s  13,8kV  60Hz
  • Laboratory needed for IEEE biofuel and biogas testing. Systematic experimental investigations are planned to study the thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, brake power and mechanical efficiency for 4-stroke C I engine for different loads and speeds. The experiment will be conducted by using 100% biodiesel and diesel blends the results will be compared and utilized to draw the performance curves.
  • USA ISO mechanical laboratory needed for ISO testing, IEEE testing and NVLAP testing: combination steering column component in an Anechoic Chamber. Parameters to meet include but not limited to vibration Frequency, db levels of the component at temperatures of -40C (low) and 80C (high) during testing

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