Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a broad term used to describe the processes and tests done to monitor the environment. Additionally, environmental monitoring helps us understand the effects of human behavior on it and how to better protect it from those harmful effects....

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Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring describes the processes and tests done to monitor the environment.

Environmental monitoring is a broad term used to describe the processes and tests done to monitor the environment. Additionally, environmental monitoring helps us understand the effects of human behavior on it and how to better protect it from those harmful effects. Scientists who perform environmental monitoring generally look at air quality, soil, water, and radiation.

Air quality monitoring studies the effects of pollution on the environment and uses specialized equipment that can detect the concentration of pollutants in the air. Often an anemometer is used which helps provide information regarding the source of the the air contamination. Air quality monitoring looks at topographic, emissions, and meteorological data to help determine the concentration of pollutants.

Soil monitoring involves collecting and testing soil samples’ pH, chlorides, sulfates, phosphates, and hard metals. Additionally, soil monitoring looks at other factors like erosion, contamination, and salt levels.

Water quality monitoring checks for chemical contaminants, the presence of oxygen, nutrients, pesticides, etc., as well as erosion and sediment, and the quality of plant and animal life. Another way to assess the environment and water quality involves monitoring wildlife such as salmon and brown trout in the river systems and lakes as the decline of fish populations is one of the earliest signs of environmental issues.

Environmental contamination can occur during the manufacturing process, resulting in lost time and money, delays, shortages, and even fines. For this reason, manufacturing organizations need to perform environmental monitoring. As such, the FDA now requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to establish environmental monitoring standard procedures as part of their manufacturing process.

The following are environmental monitoring test requests Contract Laboratory has received and helped facilitate:

  • LONG-TERM TESTING A Large hospitality company needs a food microbiology laboratory for monthly environmental monitoring and microbial analysis of food samples, hand swabs, water, and equipment
  • Pharmaceutical microbiology laboratory needed for environmental monitoring for antibiotics against surface sample swabs: Nafcillin Sodium, Ampicillin Sodium, Ampicillin Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium, Penicillin G Potassium, Piperacillin Sodium and Tazobactam Sodium.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING: Renewable ENergy company needs an Environmental laboratory for environmental monitoring stack analysis on regular interval Source emission (PM, SO2, NOX), HCL, CO, NH3, TOC, HF, CD Th their compounds, Hg and their compounds, Sb As Pb Cr Co Cu Mn Vi their compounds, Dioxins and Furans. Kindly provide a detailed quotation for sampling and analysis for the same. Looking for a positive and quick reply.
  • Large company needs California Microbiology Laboratory for environmental monitoring/microbiology sampling and testing
  • Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for swabbing and environmental monitoring testing for medical office
  • Laboratory needed for Environmental Monitoring Testing for Class 8 Cleanrooms in a Non-sterile Pharma/Med Device Manufacturing Facility. Current testing Includes Viable Air Counts, Surface Monitoring, Water testing, and Personnel Testing (glove and wrist) Currently laboratory personnel collect, monitor, and analyze samples. Looking for a quote for an outside lab to perform this testing.
  • Life Sciences Company developing medical treatments needs an Industrial Hygiene Laboratory for environmental monitoring testing 1. Environmental monitoring is being performed on February 8, 9, and 10 – Sampling is performed using a viable particle counter and TSB plates – We will need to have plates picked up on each day at 15:00-16:00 – There will be approximately 50 plates for each day 2. Other contract labs we have worked with used the following method to read plates. Please specify your method of reading? – Incubate plates at 35C for 3 days – Check plates for growth or no growth – Plates with growth will have micro-organisms identified – Plates will be held for an additional 7 days for fungus. If growth occurs, then they will be identified 3. No MRSA or VRE testing is required
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Cosmetics Manufacturing Company needs a microbiology laboratory to assist with and perform testing to start our environmental monitoring program and then perform quarterly testing. : -test the compressed air (a total of 19 sites)- we would like to test 5 different sites each quarter, so in a whole year we should have all the sites tested. -test the machinery as follows: -3 manual filling machines -1 automatic filling machine -1 automatic tube filling and sealing machine -4 manual hot pouring machines (one every quarter) For all the machines we need 1 swab each -test surface of the lines?contact plate?total numbers of lines: 9 -test the air from the environment from all departments: -assembling dept -filling dept -automatic labeling dept -warehouse
  • Environmental Laboratory is needed for Environmental Monitoring for sulfur tetrafluoride oxide, thionyl fluoride, silicon tetrafluoride, disulfur decafluoride, and sulfur tetrafluoride. Must be specific enough to evaluate concentrations with relation to permissible exposure limits and threshold limit values for each analyte (usually 0.1 ppm).

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