Ensuring Emission Safety According to EN 16738:2015

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What an interesting group of test requests we received July 30th at Contract Laboratories! While we see many specifications and test methods that requesters are wishing to comply with, today the spotlight is on EN 16738:2015 regulation guidelines, and what is required for this specification!

EN 16738:2015 is a European safety standard that addresses the emission of combustible air fresheners, including candles and incense. It describes testing methods to evaluate the release of Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s from these products and ensures that they comply with safety regulations. The standard was developed to safeguard consumers’ health and well-being by setting limits on potentially harmful chemical emissions from combustible air fresheners. The testing process involves subjecting the combustible product to controlled conditions to simulate real-life usage scenarios. The emitted VOC’s are then collected and analyzed to determine their concentration levels. EN 16738:2015 specifies the test methods, sampling procedures, and acceptance criteria, providing a standardized approach for reliable results.

For candle manufacturers, adhering to EN 16738:2015 has several advantages for both producers and consumer! Firstly, compliance with safety standards can enhance a brand’s public reputation, which instills trust among consumers. Secondly, it demonstrates a commitment to producing high-quality and safe products that everyone can enjoy. Lastly, by identifying and rectifying any potential issues with a product during testing, manufacturers can improve their products and stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

We received this request for testing Candles and Wax on July 30th, along with many more! Be sure to check out Contract Laboratory for more open requests that are in need of fulfilment!

Test Request: 23-02042 | Candles and Wax 

Project Title: Candle EN Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs Testing

Description: Contract Laboratory needed for EN Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs testing in candles according EN 16738:2015 Emission safety of combustible air fresheners – Test methods.