Endocrinology Hormone Testing

Endocrinology | hormone testing

Endocrinology hormone testing is important to determine the functioning of the endocrine system.  Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine system, the collection of hormone producing glands responsible for regulating metabolism, reproduction, sleep, mood, tissue function, and more. Glands of the endocrine system include pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pancreas, and ovaries and testes.

The glands are responsible for removing substances from the blood and processing them to make chemicals necessary and useful to the body. Hormone levels that are too high or too low indicate a endocrine problem. An endocrine disorder is treated using artificial hormones. Common hormonal diseases include diabetes, hyper and hypo thyroid, PCOS, and more.

Diagnostic hormone testing measure hormone levels to determine whether a gland is functioning as expected and whether an endocrine gland exists. Testing hormone levels can be done through blood, saliva, and urine, though saliva is the most common as it is convenient and non-invasive.

Need a laboratory to perform hormone testing or other endocrinology testing? Submit a test request online, or by calling 1-855-377-6821. The following requests have been received by Contract Laboratory for hormone or endocrinology testing:

  • Europe FDA GMP Central Laboratory needed for endocrinology testin in immuno assay and ms/ms technique
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for plant hormone testing by western blot, PCR, and HPLC for cytoknin and auzin in a broth
  • Medicianl Chemistry laboratory needed for hormone testing on liquid kelp. we are refining production techniques and need to determine if the plant hormone profile is the same for the new product, in particular auxins and cytokinins
  • FDA GLP and AAALAC food toxicology laboratory for testing the upper limit of where camelina meal will produce some toxicological outcome in poultry. Because of glucosinolates, this will require thyroid hormone testing, weight gain, analysis of liver problems, standard pathology. Primarily interested in broilers, but may need to do layers in a followup study.
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for hormone testing of seaweed.
  • Asia Food analytical chemistry laboratory neeeded for growth hormone testing in food samples. Please let me know the cost of analyzing food samples
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