Electromagnetic Interference EMI Testing

Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, is a test done to determine the amount of energy an electric product produces. If the amount of energy emitted is too high it can interfere with other energy emitting electric products, for example a microwave may disrupt the us of a mobile phone. Other sources of EMI producing devices include thunder storms, computers, radios, doorbells, electric blankets, televisions, etc.

There are now legal requirements regarding electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference tests confirm that an electronic and its hardware still work properly even when subjected to specific amounts of EMI, and they themselves must not emit EMI. Each product must be compatible with other devices or systems, and environments to ensure performance.radio

EMI testing is often one of the last tests performed and are “make it of break it” tests, meaning if the product fails it is back to he drawing board for redesign and development. Preliminary testing can be done early to determine whether or not a product is ready for outside testing.

Whether you are looking for preliminary or compliance testing, or you need research, development, or design help, let Contract Laboratory help. We have helped facilitate EMI tests such as:

  • Middle East electrical laboratory needed for emi testing
  • Los Angeles Electrical Laboratory needed for EMI Testing, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Lighting Strike.
  • Electrical laboratory needed for CISPR EMI testing of electronic marine engine monitoring system.
  • and more

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