What is a DNA Microarray?

DNA microarrays allow scientists to learn about many genes at once

by | Jan 22, 2023

laboratory-154233__340Also called a gene chip or a DNA chip, a DNA microarray is a solid surface made up of thousands of DNA spots. Each spot has many copies of a DNA sequence corresponding to a specific gene. Using a DNA microarray, scientists can learn about many genes at once, this type of study is referred to as genomics. DNA microarrays are used to determine whether a gene is being expressed or not.

First, samples of cells are needed to extract the RNA from. The RNA is then washed leaving only the mRNA. Next, a DNA copy (cDNA) of the RNA is made. Coloring is also added to the samples at this stage so that later results can be seen and analyzed better. The cDNA is then added to the microarray containing single strands of DNA.

Through a process called hybridization, the single strands of cDNA attach to its complementary strand of DNA. The microarray is then washed to remove any excess strands of cDNA, strands that did not hybridize. The microarray is then analyzed using a microarray scanner. The results are then analyzed to determine which genes are being expressed.

If you are looking for a laboratory to perform DNA microarray testing or other genetic testing, submit a free test request online HERE

Some of the microarray test requests Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate include:

  • LONG-TERM TESTING Europe bioanalytical laboratory needed for Microarray Testing
  • Genetics Bioanalytical laboratory needed to perform a microarray experiment for miRNAs, using Custom Tagman Array MicroRNA Cards, format 24 (23 miRNAs, 8 samples with 2 replication/sample) to test a very low amount of total RNA (about 10 ng), so a pre-amplification will be necessary in this case
  • A clinical genetics laboratory needed for Next-generation and microarray analysis of blastomeres
  • A Start-up Bioscience Company needs a genetics laboratory for performing microarrays for DNA saliva testing 150-200 snips.
  • A pharmaceutical computational laboratory is needed for the analysis of gene expression data to identify cancer at an early stage using Computational intelligence methods such as Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Rough Set theory. We are using data sets from NCBI and UCI. We want to process the samples in order to get gene microarray technology machines.
  • Chicago Bioanalytical Laboratory is needed for microarray screening. Specifically for MicroRNA
  • Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory is needed for cell line testing for compound activity in oncology cell lines for proliferation, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis. Require a panel of solid tumor cell lines (information on available cell lines e.g. microarray, mutation, amplification) also interested in a panel of leukemia/lymphoma cell lines
  • plus many more!


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