Chemical Synthesis Explained

A key component of pharmaceutical development to create chemicals and compounds not naturally occurring

by | Mar 10, 2023

What is Chemical Synthesis?

Chemical synthesis is the creation of chemical compounds from other, simpler chemicals. Chemical synthesis is commonly used to create drug compounds. This process of creating compounds allows researchers to produce substances that do not naturally occur.

Chemical synthesis

While some substances change simply by adding heat or ultraviolet light, chemical synthesis often involves two or more different substances to create the desired compound. When dealing with multiple substances, they need to be brought into close proximity to each other for a reaction to occur. Heat or another catalyst is also commonly added during chemical synthesis as it helps increase the rate at which the reaction occurs.

Synthetic Drugs

The first synthetic drugs were manufactured near the end of the 19th century when the pharmaceutical industry was rapidly growing. Synthetic drugs produced by chemical synthesis are now the most commonly used therapeutic drugs. Many synthetic compounds or drugs are produced to duplicate a substance found naturally, only cheaper.

Some of the chemical synthesis projects Contract Laboratory has helped organizations find laboratories for include:

  • Global pharmaceutical manufacturing (advanced chemical synthesis) company needs testing of 2-3 samples of Polysorbate 80 and 2-3 samples of Polysorbate 20 for full specifications as outlined by USP/NF, European Pharmacopeia, and the Japanese Pharmacopeia.
  • A chemical synthesis laboratory is needed for the synthesis of phosphorylated derivatives of cellobiose
  • Netherlands Chemical Synthesis laboratory is needed for the contract synthesis of standards for a new application. For example 1-O-heptadecyl-rac-glycerol and a D5-Batylalcohol with deuterium on the carbon-linked protons on the glycerol backbone
  • Phoenix, AZ Biotechnology Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to do organic chemical synthesis of the following: 1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole 4-ethylnaphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone 4-methoxynaphthalen- 1-yl- (1-pentylindol- 3-yl)methanone 1-pentyl-3-(2-methoxyphenylacetyl)indole
  • USA or India Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for Chemical synthesis of compounds and testing their toxicity,pharmacology AC, BA, T Microbiology preclinical materials pharmaceuticals
  • View more

If you require a laboratory to perform chemical synthesis research or testing, let us help save you time and money,  submit a request online!


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