California Air Resource Board (CARB) Certification Testing

CARB's goals help to promote healthy air quality and public health

by | Mar 14, 2023

California Air Resource Board CARB Testing

California Air Resource Board (CARB) Testing

With the beauty of California and to support the health of Californians, California wants to keep its skies clear and free of air pollution.  To that end, California established the state regulatory agency known as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) in 1967.  The California Air Resource Board (CARB) was created as a department within California’s Environmental Protection Agency by combining the Bureau of Air Sanitation with the Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board.

The California Air Resource Board  CARB’s goals include attaining and maintaining healthy air quality, protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants, and providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations. In doing so, they have set standards and the need for certification of products in various industries such as wood, adhesives, petroleum, and the automotive industries. In the automotive industry, it regulates the standards for the zero-emissions vehicle or ZEV.  In the Oil Industry, it regulates the low-fuel carbon standard. TO comply with many of its standards, companies may have to perform CARB certification testing.

Contract Laboratory helps companies with the outsourcing of their California Air Resource Board CARB certification and other air quality testing.

Below are some examples of California Air Resource Board CARB or air quality projects that we worked with:

  • LARGE AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY needed for sealed house evaporative determination (SHED) testing for California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification test.
  • laboratory testing for VOC content in adhesive material to comply with SCAQMD rule #1168, shall be determined by USEPA’S Test Method 18, or Air Resources Board (ARB) Method 422 for the determination of emissions of Exempt Compounds and USEPA’s Test Methods 25, 25A, SCAQMD’s Method 25.1, or SCAQMD Test Method 25.3. (Determination of Total Gaseous Non-Methane Organic Emissions as Carbon)
  • URGENT. Air quality analysis laboratory needed for NIOSH testing for nicotine.
  • Electroplating company needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Air Quality measurement for a plant in Asia
  • Environmental Particle Pollution PM2.5 laboratory needed for air quality testing
  • Australia Microbiology Laboratory needed for Compressed air quality testing for microbes: Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus pneumoniae. The sample would be taken using a Parker CAMTU unit and captured on an Agar plate
  • University Researcher needs a European environmental laboratory for outdoor air quality testing to measure all (the toxic and nontoxic) congeners of PCDD and PCDFs in a lichen matrix (similar to plants and fungi).

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Need Laboratories for California Air Resource Board CARB certification or other air quality testing?

No matter what your product or industry, Contract Laboratory can help your wood products, construction materials, oil, petroleum, aviation, or automotive company with the outsourcing of your

Submit CARB Air Quality Test Request

Submit CARB Air Quality Test Request

California Air Resource Board CARB certification or other air quality testing. If you are in need of an independent,  third-party contract laboratory to perform California Air Resource Board CARB Certification Testing or other air quality or air purification testing,  submit a CARB certification testing request online.


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