Western Blot Test

western blot test
The Western Blot Test is done to detect certain proteins in blood or other tissue samples.

The Western Blot Test is an immunoassay, or chemical test, used to detect certain proteins in blood or other tissue samples. The test is performed by creating artificial antibodies that will react with specific proteins. The proteins are separated by gel electrophoresis and the antibodies are then transferred onto a membrane where if the targeted protein is present, blots or stains will appear on the membrane as proteins are separated by size and shape.

Western blot test is a commonly used follow-up test for HIV, Lyme disease, Hepatitis B, and other diseases as it confirms the presence of antibodies present in each of the conditions. The technique is very precise and useful for not only detecting proteins but also quantifying them.

Western blot test requests received by Contract Laboratory

The following are test requests we have received from companies and organizations needing Western blot testing:

  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for plant hormone testing by western blot, PCR, and HPLC for cytoknin and auzin in a broth
  • US Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Western blot analysis using the LI-COR IR platform
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Western blot analysis on master reference equine horse serum to ensure that it is still highly reactive with antigen at a span of dilutions.
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Cell culture and Western blotting experiments. The cell culture would require the Jeg-3, JAR or BeWo cell lin
  • e. The desired experiments would involve <24 hours treatment times. Western blotting would require probing for 5 different markers, for concentrations and incubation times required for each antibody
  • United Kingdom Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Western Blotting and cell culture based assays
  • East Coast USA Clinical Laboratory needed for ELISA and western blot testing for conjugated and unconjugated proteins. Plasma testing of 250 plasma samples from separated from human blood after performance of resistance exercise. We would like to run western blots (gel filtration) to determine conjugated and unconjugated proteins. As well, run elisa or similar test to determine total protein content.
  • plus more!

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