Benefits of Laboratory Outsourcing and Scientific Sourcing

To help facilitate your laboratory research and testing needs

In today’s fast-paced scientific world, laboratory outsourcing and scientific sourcing have become increasingly popular. Outsourcing refers to the process of contracting work out to a third party, while scientific sourcing involves the procurement of materials, equipment, and services from external providers to conduct research and experiments.

There are several benefits to laboratory outsourcing and scientific resourcing, here is a short list to name a few:

  • Contract Laboratories and Contract Research Organizations may have more specialized scientific or technical knowledge, laboratory capabilities, laboratory instruments or laboratory equipment needed for sophisticated tests, research, analysis, bioanalysis, arrays, evaluations, studies, examinations, experimentation or developments.
  • may already own and have experience with highly complicated laboratory instruments or equipment saving your company initial set-up and maintenance costs. These Laboratories may have already validated such lab instruments and lab equipment or may not be able to properly maintain the laboratory equipment and laboratory instruments. This may be especially cost-effective if your internal laboratory would infrequently perform the testing or infrequently use the lab instruments or lab equipment.
  • offer a degree of laboratory testing objectivity and independence in questionable or Laboratory matters such as an internal laboratory testing failures, out of specification (OOS) investigations, customer complaints, import detentions, manufacturing failures, importation, exportation, legal issues, competitor analysis, or failure investigations.
  • have validated laboratory methods or experience with specific laboratory methodologies such as USP, ISO, BP, JP, ASTM, AAMI, etc.
  • augment internal laboratory capabilities during new product launches, expansions or research and development projects such as a validation, technology transfers, product development, etc.

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