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With this week being Chinese New Year, many manufacturers, importers, shippers and logistics companies are sending messages for prosperity and happiness to their Asia clients. For a company manufacturing in, exporting to or importing from Asia laboratories, testing, inspection and certification of products prior to exportation and importation is good for their own corporate prosperity and happiness.

Asia Testing Laboratories in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc
Asia Testing Laboratories in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc

Depending on the product, government customs in different countries require testing, inspection and certification prior to importation of products manufactured in China.  The same applies to companies exporting products to Asia. Failure to obtain the proper testing, inspection and certification can result in costly import detentions or bans.

Therefore, it is important to learn the laws and regulations prior to importation and exportation and perform the proper testing, inspections and certifications to ensure your company is in compliance.

Contract Laboratory has helped many companies, governments and organizations with outsourcing their testing, inspection and certification of products manufactured in or exported to Asia. Below are some examples of projects that we have helped with finding laboratories for testing, certifying or inspecting products in Asia:

  • Asia Food laboratory needed for Nutritional analysis for dried peaches and apples for nutritional facts labeling
  • Asia geology laboratory needed for granite testing
  • Asia laboratory needed for SPF testing for day moisturizer
  • Asia company needs laboratory for microscopic testing of tube and shell type heat exchanger used in Liquified petroleum gas
  • Southeast Asia Laboratory needed for RTCA/DO-160G Testing of a WiFi entertainment distribution system for aircraft installation.Capability to test DO-160 Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 25.
  • Asia microbiology laboratory needed for challenge test (inoculated pack) on potential pathogens for food intermediate. The product is intermediate moisture food in normal atmospheric temperature
  • Environmental simulation laboratory needed for accelerated simulation testing that simulates ocean shipping environmental conditions experienced shipping from Asia to us on the ocean. The material is a molded EVA
  • Asia microbiology laboratory needed for challenge test (inoculated pack) on potential pathogens for food intermediate. The product is intermediate moisture food in normal atmospheric temperature and the concerned pathogen
  • University Researchers need Asia sensory laboratory for slow release fragrance technology testing for markets in Asia.
  • Asia Laboratory needed for food nutritional testing To test for Nutritional Fact for packed food marketing in Malaysia to provide nutritional facts / microbiology test for the following 1) Ikan bilis sambal
  • India or Asia US FDA cGMP pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed viscosity testing of Pharmaceutical Drug Product (Suspension)
  • Asia textiles laboratory needed for Fabric Testing required for anti radar on fabric used for camouflage nets as per MIL/BS standards.
  • Asia biomedical laboratory needed for FDA 510k opthalmic shunt testing : Aqueous Shunt Gravity Flow Test: to evaluate the pressure/flow characteristics of an aqueous shunt when exposed to a decreasing pressure gradient
  • Asia contract research laboratory needed for new emulsion development in order to enlarge product range for different applications of adhesive application especially for carpet adhesive.
  • Asia materials laboratory needed for Tensile strength and water resistance testing of crab shells bioplastics
  • Large pharma company needs Asia virus testing laboratory that is able to perform cell culture bulk harvest testing (Mycoplasma, adventitious agents) in Asia.
  • Asia environmental laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing.Soil and groundwater sample analysis: ? Total petroleum hydrocarbons diesel-range organics; ? Total petroleum hydrocarbons gasoline-range organics;
  • SOutheast Asia FDA cGMP, ISO 9001 Laboratory needed for penetrability testing for a 10 ml vial elastomeric closure, testing service for a few batches are required to bridge a temporary gap in our testing capability.
  • Asia Toxicology Laboratory enviromental toxicology testing for CLP and REACH classification of hazardous materials to Chemical, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) for EU REACH for hazards to GHS requirements for EU Safety Data
  • Asia clinical laboratory for biopsy and blood testing: Measure telemers from various blood and biopsy samples
  • Asia Laboratory needed for solvent testing to determine the type of chemical (i.e. acid) to be used and the associated concentration for softening and/or dissolving the calcium carbonate debris
  • Asia geology laboratory testing on nickel ore: PSD (sieve and sedimentation), Particle Density, Atterberg Limits (plastic limit and liquid limit), Remoulded Quick undrained triaxial (Consolidated Undrained at 100, 200 a
  • Asia physical laboratory needed for circuit board Testing of coated board ( 210) gm. Grammage ,Thickness,Brightness,Whiteness,Surface Smoothness
  • Asia pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient impurity testing
  • Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for JSQI test for Ammonyx LO for MDSD sheet. Please provide quotation and conditions, if any.
  • Asia geotechnical laboratory needed for ASTM Borehole Drilling Core testing Cerchar Abrasivity Index (CAI)-abrasiveness for cutter wear during raise boring and drilling tools (blast holes) ? Multistage Triaxial Test
  • Asia geotechnical laboratory needed for water-based drilling fluids testing (mud). Differential sticking testing for water-based drilling mud. It will be my greatest pleasure for your response.
  • Asia materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C509:Standard Specification for Elastomeric Cellular Preformed Gasket and Sealing Material
  • USA, Europe, Asia and Africa ISO 17025 Laboratories needed for Available Proficiency testing (PT) scheme, inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) or certified reference material (CRM) for gossypol (produced by the cotton plant
  • Asia Laboratory needed for Cleaning Procedure Testing of cleaning procedure using Formic Acid solution and Alconox solution for their part
  • Asia Physical Laboratory needed for RCA Certificate Testing under Code of Practice GU01 Approval of flexible gas tubing for Low Pressure Applications
  • Asia polymer laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to test PEEK material according to ASTMF 2026.
  • Asia laboratory needed for gas assessment after gas scrubber. The gases we need to do assessment for are: 1) MeSH 2) H2S 3)DMS 4) DMDS 5) TMA 6) NH3 7) Acetaldehyde

And many more. To view more Laboratory Testing, Ceritifcation and Inspection Projects that Contract Laboratory helped to facilitate, visit Asia Laboratory Testing

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