Alpha Resources Expands Product Offerings with ARO Scientific Standards

Alpha Resources' latest expansion signifies a major step forward in their mission to provide superior products to the scientific community

by | Jun 10, 2024

In a significant move to bolster its product offerings, Alpha Resources LLC, a premier supplier of aftermarket consumables and reference materials, has announced the inclusion of ARO Scientific standards in its portfolio. This expansion, effective April 23, 2024, marks a strategic enhancement in Alpha Resources’ mission to provide top-tier products to laboratories and businesses across the United States.

Diverse Range of ARO Scientific Standards

Alpha Resources is now uniquely positioned as the only U.S. aftermarket consumables company offering ARO’s certified reference materials. The new ARO Scientific standards available through Alpha Resources encompass a broad spectrum of laboratory needs, designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern analytical procedures. The expanded product line includes:

  • Total Acid Number Standards: Essential for determining the acidity of petroleum products, these standards are crucial for quality control in fuel production and maintenance.
  • Total Base Number Standards: These standards are vital for assessing the alkalinity in lubricating oils, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of mechanical systems.
  • Heavy Mineral Oil Sulfur Standards: Critical for evaluating the sulfur content in mineral oils, these standards support environmental compliance and product quality.
  • Diesel Synthetic Sulfur Standards: These standards facilitate the accurate measurement of sulfur levels in diesel fuels, helping to meet regulatory standards and improve fuel quality.
  • Flash Point Certified Reference Materials: These materials are indispensable for determining the flash point of substances, a key parameter in safety and handling protocols.
  • Color Reference Materials: Used to assess the color of various products, these standards ensure consistency and compliance with industry specifications.

Commitment to Excellence and Customer Success

Ken Mantei, Director of Operations at Alpha Resources, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting their customers’ success. “At Alpha, we want to be a valued supply partner for our customers’ labs and businesses,” Mantei stated. “With that in mind, in addition to offering below-OEM pricing, Alpha continually evaluates high-quality product line updates, whether manufactured in-house or sourced, to better support customer success. The addition of ARO Scientific products is the first of several product expansions for Alpha in 2024.”

This expansion reflects Alpha Resources’ strategic approach to enhancing its product offerings. By integrating ARO Scientific standards, Alpha Resources is not only broadening its product range but also reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in the analytical community.

About Alpha Resources

Established in 1978, Alpha Resources, LLC has grown to become a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of aftermarket consumables and certified reference materials. The company’s products are widely used in atomic spectroscopy analysis, a critical technique in various scientific and industrial applications. Alpha Resources is distinguished by its adherence to rigorous quality standards, holding certifications in ISO17034, ISO17025, and ISO9001:2015. These certifications underscore the company’s dedication to maintaining excellence in product quality and customer service.

Alpha Resources’ longstanding reputation for reliability and innovation is bolstered by its comprehensive range of products and solutions. From consumables to certified reference materials, the company provides essential tools that help laboratories achieve precise and accurate results.

Looking Ahead

The addition of ARO Scientific standards is just the beginning of Alpha Resources’ planned product expansions for 2024. Customers can anticipate further enhancements to the company’s offerings, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Further Information and Contact Details

For more information about the new ARO Scientific standards and other product offerings, customers are encouraged to visit Alpha Resources’ specialty reference materials page.

Contact Information:

Company Address:

  • Alpha Resources LLC
    3090 Johnson Rd.
    Stevensville, MI 49127-0199


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