Adhesive Testing

adhesive testing
Adhesive testing is performed on tapes, glues, gels, paint, and other substances to test their bonding strength.

Adhesive testing is performed on tapes, glues, gels, paint, and other substances to test their bonding strength. Testing is performed at different temperatures and is also done to determine strength and failure point of the adhesive. Bonding failure can occur due to additives added, incorrect amounts, contamination, or other product formulation issues.

Adhesives  are used to bond materials such as woods, plastics, and metals. Many standards exist to help evaluate and test adhesive strength and their properties such as: shear strength, adhesion, and viscosity. In addition, environmental affects are also tested to determine how the adhesive will behave under different circumstances. According to ASTM, “The adhesives standards are instrumental in determining various applications of adhesives such as in electrical insulation, sealing materials, and materials used in lumber products and floor systems.”

Contract Laboratory can help you find a laboratory for all your adhesive testing needs, as we have helped the following:

  • Construction laboratory needed to examine the bonding performance of an adhesive and PVC flooring product combination.
  • Materials laboratory needed for testing to support expiration date extension for adhesive tapes used in aerospace industry
  • Materials laboratory needed for adhesive testing for bond strength of adhesive to metals
  • Materials laboratory needed for IEC testing of adhesive tapes to IEC 60454 (pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for electrical purposes) including tensile strength, elongation at break, flexibility, electrical conductivity, adhesiveness, weathering testing, fire resistance, thermal endurance, and water vapor permeability.
  • Materials laboratory needed for SAE Testing of adhesive tape to SAE-AMS-T-22085 Type II
  • Materials Laboratory needed for Adhesion tape testing for confirming Adhesiveness of tapes
  • UK Medical device company needs paper surgical adhesive tapes tested
  • Need laboratory testing for VOC content in adhesive material to comply with SCAQMD rule #1168, shall be determined by USEPA’S Test Method 18, or Air Resources Board (ARB) Method 422 for the determination of emissions of Exempt Compounds and USEPA’s Test Methods 25, 25A, SCAQMD’s Method 25.1, or SCAQMD Test Method 25.3. (Determination of Total Gaseous Non- Methane Organic Emissions as Carbon)
  • Materials laboratory needed for crazing resistance testing for a set of adhesives which are going to be pasted on a PC, PVC and SAN substrate.
  • More adhesive test requests can be seen here!

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