What is DNA purification?

DNA purification is an important step in studying genomics, molecular biology, and other clinical research. It is helpful in extracting enough genomic or plasmid DNA and purifying the DNA to reduce contaminants that could potentially compromise the research.medicine-163707__340

If DNA is contaminated, it is likely to cause errors in testing. By purifying a DNA sample it reduces the chance that errors will occur and better ensures the quality and purity of your sample.

DNA purification can be done through different processes such as mechanical disruption, chemical treatment or enzymatic digestion.

Contract Laboratory has received the following test requests regarding DNA purification:

  • ¬†Genetics Laboratory neded for bacterial culturing and plasmid DNA purification. 160kB plasmid from one e.coli strain to another via electroporation. We would like to provide the donor and acceptor e.coli strains and have lab handle the following steps: 160KB BAC DNA purification (e.g. culture 600mL of bacteria before miniprep) make the acceptor coli electro-competent transfect the acceptor bacteria using electroporation
  • Food technology company needs Genetics Laboratory for DNA purification and QPCR analysis testing: Samples to be tested against 10 different primer/probe sets.
  • EU FDA GLP genetics and genomics laboratory needed for DNA purification from PAXGene tubes
  • These test requests and more can be seen here

If your organization or company is in need of a laboratory to perform DNA purification or other DNA testing, submit a DNA test request online or by calling 1-855-377-6821.