Happy Monday, Contract Laboratory readers! It’s time for another microbe Monday. Like always, if you think you know the microbe, leave us a comment!

Today’s microbe:

    • is a zoonotic, vector-borne bacteria
    • belongs to the spirochete class though its shape is a flat wave
    • is a diderm, or double-membrane
    • is 0.3 μm wide and between 5 and 20 μm long
    • is microaerobic
    • is motile with 7-11 flagella at each end
    • can survive without iron
    • if untreated, the bacteria can eventually affect the heart, bones, and nervous system
    • was the third microbial genome ever to be sequenced
    • linear chromosome contains 910,725base pairs and 853 genes
    • genome consists of one megabase chromosome and a variety of circular and linear plasmids

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