Mass Photometry Pioneers, Refeyn, Open New US Headquarters

The grand opening is a significant milestone in the rapid growth of Refeyn since it was spun out of Oxford University

by | Jun 12, 2024

Refeyn, a leader in mass photometry technology, has launched its new 10,000 sq. ft. US Headquarters and Customer Interaction Center in Greater Boston’s Biotech Hub. CEO Gerry Mackay, co-founder professor Philipp Kukura, and two members of the sales team helped cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

Mass photometry, developed by Kukura’s team, enables rapid, single-particle analysis, revolutionizing scientific discovery and therapeutic production. Since its spin-out from Oxford University six years ago, Refeyn has grown rapidly, with hundreds of instruments used worldwide.

CEO Gerry Mackay highlighted Refeyn’s expansion, noting the company’s global workforce of over 180 employees and its growing US customer base. With over 300 scientific papers citing mass photometry, the technology’s applications continue to expand in life science laboratories globally.

The new US HQ features advanced laboratory spaces, including a BSL-2 lab, service center, R&D center, and applications lab. It serves as a hub for customer interactions, sample testing, and training.

The grand opening coincided with the third annual Mass Photometry Summit 2024, where users shared their research and innovations. Key presentations included Dr. Di Wu’s work on AAV characterization for gene therapy and professor Priyamvada Acharya’s research on the HIV-1 envelope.

Refeyn’s new headquarters marks a significant milestone in its mission to advance scientific research and support its growing customer base.


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