ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratories

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories
ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories

ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratories are laboratories that meet the ISO general requirements for testing and calibration laboratories first issued in 1999 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Laboratories use this standard to consistently produce accurate and valid results.

The ISO/IEC 17025 standard includes specifications for laboratories using standard test methods, non-standard test methods, and other laboratory developed methods and is the main standard for laboratories performing testing and calibrations. Laboratories who are accredited to ISO/IEC standard 17025 have proven that they are competent to perform testing and calibration. In most cases, producers, manufacturers, suppliers, or other organizations needing testing, will not accept results from unaccredited laboratories or testing facilities.

ISO 17025 Certification Projects

Contract Laboratory has helped many laboratories find ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratories to perform their testing such as:

  • LONG-TERM TESTING. Large spirits company needs ISO 17025 certified independent laboratory for periodic analysis on a variety of spirits and cordials. The analysis will consist of (at a minimum) % alcohol and specific gravity of various types of spirits and cordials.
  • ISO 17025 accredited electrical laboratory needed for qualification testing of Medium Voltage Cables rated 5- through 46kV per AEIC CS8, Section 15 for the 120 Day Accelerated Water Treeing Test followed by test protocol to include Electrical Measurements, High Voltage Time Test, Physical Measurements, and Tree Count.
  • ISO 17025 certified laboratory needed with validated methods for e-vapor products testing for harmful constituents. Execution of a DOE to support a regulatory filing look for harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHC) in e-Vapor products.
  • ISO 17025 Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of Lidocaine HCL Injection – ID test and Assay, for Heparin Lock Flush – Assay, and particulates for both IAW USP <788>.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING: ISO 17025 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for Testing, Water Quality Testing, Water Portability testing, 740 samples.
  • ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory needed for Anti vibration glove testing according to ANSI/ASA S2.73 or ISO 10819. Mechanical vibration and shock – Hand-arm vibration or
  • ISO 17025 certified laboratory needed to conduct osmolality tests that report the results in mOsm/kg water units for a sample
  • ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for baby shampoo testing for MDMD hydantoin content in a baby shampoo.
  • ISO 17025 Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Pharmaceutical Equivalence test report for Injection product with raw data. Included: – Test items: description, assay by titration, purity by GC, qualitative tests, loss on drying, foreign insoluble matter, sterility, endotoxin, and pyrogen test. Test methods: compendial methods listed in Japanese Pharmacopoeia

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