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Contract Laboratory helps outsource laboratory test requests, thereby increasing lab revenue.
Contract Laboratory helps outsource laboratory test requests, thereby increasing lab revenue.

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On the first of June 2023: Discover an array of laboratory requests awaiting experts in various fields. From ensuring compliance and certification for retail-ready dry dates, to conducting material determinations on automotive plastic parts with precise temperature-based properties, to testing the performance of an innovative gas-fired component in a cutting-edge HVAC system, these projects offer an opportunity to delve into the realms of food, polymers, heating technology, veterinary medicine, genomics, and life sciences. Embark on a thrilling scientific journey as you unravel the secrets of cocoa beans, analyze impurities in pharmaceuticals, examine the DNA of Black Soldier fly larvae, and perform specialized tests on injectable drugs, all while upholding the highest industry standards.

Daily Laboratory Request Summary | Total: 7

Laboratory Test Requests can vary, which is why Contract Laboratory helps organize and assist in getting clients efficiently connected with the right lab partners.

23-01579 | Food
Food Laboratory needed for dry dates product testing for compliance and certificate of analysis (COA) for retail sale. (view project)

23-01578 | Polymer
Polymer Laboratory needed for automotive plastic parts testing for material determinations. Materials would be PC/ABS, ABS, PBT, NFPP, PC

Properties will need to be generated at different temperature. For example, I need Stress-Strain curves, Creep curves, Fatigue Curves, Young’s Modulus, CLTE at different temperatures. (view project)

23-01577 | Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Mechanical Laboratory needed for a 5 ton, two stage split AC system testing with an in-development gas fired component (in the refrigerant stream). Need to record performance with the appliance operating and not operating… (view project)

23-01576 | Food
Food Laboratory needed for cocoa bean sample testing for water content and instantaneous sampling to meet ISO standards:
ISO 2451 – Determination of water content – steam cooking at 103°C – In cocoa beans
ISO 2292 – Instantaneous sampling (taking a single sample) – In cocoa beans in bags. (view project)

23-01575 | Veterinary Medicine
Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Impurity C testing for EU market. Do you have the capability to test a Gas Chromatography (GC) method with the following? (view project)

23-01574 | Genomics and Genetics
Contract Laboratory needed for Black Soldier fly larvae DNA testing to determine if there is avian dna present within the larvae DNA.(view project)

23-01573 | Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for 2 new projects testing that requires specific analysis.
– Osmotic colloidal pressure analysis, where the sample regards an jellified injectable drug;
– Polarographic analysis, where the sample regards an iron sucrose injectable product (this analysis has to be conducted following USP requirements) (view project)

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